Where We Get Our Animals

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The 4 Ways We Obtain Animals

These animals typically come from bad situations. Their owners have passed away, some have been left in eviction homes, owned without proper permits, or are in bad health and the owner cannot afford the proper care. We will never turn down a rescue.

Unfortunately exotic animals are placed in homes every day that are not adequately prepared to meet all of the needs, including diet, vet care, enrichment, and enclosures. If you or someone you may know are needing placement for an exotic because your situation has unknowingly changed, please reach out to us, there will be no questions asked.

Some animals in our care have come from facilities that have closed down, or from private homes whos living situation has changed. These animals typically have an adoption fee attached that we pay to make sure they end up in a permanent and suitable home.

It’s extremely important for exotic animals to have social interaction and enrichment. If we are housing an individual animal, our main goal will always be to meet their social needs. In happiness & health, we do pay full price to purchase the perfect companions to fit these needs.
Companionship is strongly recommended by the USDA.

Do you have an exotic animal in need of help? Reach out to us!

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